What are the Documents required for online rent agreement in Pune or PCMC? Online rent agreement in Pune.

What are the Documents required for online rent agreement in Pune or PCMC? Online rent agreement in Pune.

In recent times the government of Maharashtra has initiated this online facility to make an online rent agreement in Pune that is also known as leave and license agreement which comes under the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999.

This has tremendously decreased the tension on various sub-registrar offices where all these agreements are submitted for confirmation and submission.

The below link can help for making leave and license agreement;


The below details are the parties and documents required to create an online rent agreement in Pune.

Parties Required for online rent agreement in Pune

  1. The Lessor (Owner)
  2. The Lessee (Tenant)
  3. Two witnesses representing each party. (i.e. 1 witness representing the Lessor and 1 witness representing the Lessee)

Mandatory Documents required for online rent agreement in Pune

  1. Pan Card of all the parties.ent a
  2. Aadhar Card of all the parties.
  3. Property (to be rented) address proof. Like:
  4. Index 2
  5. Electricity Bill
  6. BSNL/MTNL phone bill

Non-mandatory documents for verification for online rent agreement in Pune

  1. ID proof- Voter’s id, Passport
  2. Address proof: Passport

 Note: if the tenants are Indian then the Adhar card is enough to make online rent agreement in Pune but if the tenant is a foreigner then the original passport is required. 

Steps of online rent agreement registration in Pune

This is the year 2020 guys, everything will soon be available in digital prints or form to ease the accessibility of the end-user. Therefore a new way of getting rent agreement registration online has emerged in the Pune, Maharashtra. So how to do online registration of rent agreement in Pune. The online registration of rent agreement is authenticated by the biometric device and this biometric authentication cross-check by the help of the Adhar card number database. So the online rent agreement registration in Pune is 100% safe and secure. 

Everyone from Pune or PCMC should know about how to do an online rent agreement in Pune. Below are some effective and smart ways to make online rent agreement in Pune

  1. Pay for the stamp duty and registration (depending upon the area of residence) through various modes: like 1. Government Receipt Accounting System:https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in/echallan/ or 2. IDBI Bank: https://etax.idbibank.co.in/IGR/
  2. Enter the particulars of all the parties by logging in on the e-filing page of the Government website: https://efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/
  3. Take the scans and the photos of all the parties (i.e Lessor, Lessee, and the witnesses) and save it directly on the website.
  4. Submit it online.
  5. Post submission, the agreement takes a minimum period of 24-48 hours and can be downloaded from the portal itself.
  6. If the agreement fails in which approving officer asks a doubt e.g.wrong address unclear photo etc, the entire procedure must be repeated and given for submission. the last option is submitting by hand to the nearest sub-registrar office.
  7. The above process for online rent agreement registration in Pune is always be facilitated by a Lawyer online registration of rent agreement in Pune process also makes the convince for tenants and owners. Now they did not need to take an appointment from the sub-registrar office and wait for 1-2 hours. Here owner and tenants book their appointments as per their convince with conser.in and our professional executives will come at your doorstep and execute the online rent agreement in Pune in front of them.

We book appointments for online rent agreement registration in Pune on weekends like Saturday, Sunday and holiday. We also visit the doorsteps for online rent agreement execution on weekends and Holidays.


Online rent agreement cost in Pune

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As we know, rent agreement charges depends on Monthly rent, refundable deposite and Tenure of the rent agreement. So fill the below these details to get the charges online rent agreement in Pune.

Online Rent Agreement FAQ

We always love to answer your questions, if your question is related to Online rent agreement in Pune, Online rent agreement registration in Pune, online rent agreement charges in Pune, rent agreement in Pune, How to do online rent agreement in pune, etc. Here are few of them.

An online registered rent agreement is a government agreement that is signed between the owner and the tenant. Through this online rent agreement, the owner authorizes the tenant to use the property for the registered tenancy period.
Basically, when we talk about Maharashtra, both registered and notarised rent agreement are used. But when we look at it in court, registered rent agreement has its standing in court while the notaised agreement does not.
The following are the benefits of a registered Rent Agreement in Pune and PCMC
  • It is a rent agreement which narrates the terms and condition for the usage of the Leased premises, thereby protecting the Lessor from unlawful or unwanted usage of the premises by the Lessee and of both the parties against any Rent or Security discrepancies. It basically protects the rights and duties of both the Lessor and the Lessee which comes by virtue of using the Leased property.
  • A Registered rent Agreement serves as an authentic address proof.
  • Registered rent agreement is acceptable by every government bodies as authorised address proofs of residents in Maharashtra
The cost of online rent agreement in Pune and PCMC depends on the area you are i.e. Rural or Urban, monthly rent and the security deposit. Online rent agreement charges in Pune includes the government stamp duty, registration charges and our nominal professional fee. Check our stamp duty calculator
Stamp Duty Calculator
We have a smart team who will guide you throughout the process. Our primary aim is to keep you away from brokers and make your experience hassle free. The following are the reasons why conser.in excels in this field of making online rent Agreement in Pune.
  • Conser.in has extensively developed the platform for easily preparing the entire draft of making rent Agreement by just filling up a form. The entire process of preparing the first draft of the Rent agreement takes about 5 min.
  • The entire expense of paying the Government fees and the professional fees can be paid online.
  • The exective will be visiting the parties to collect their finger scans and the photographs at their place/time of convenience.
Yes, any tenant can use online rent agreement as address proof in driving license, Adhar card, for bank account , passport office and In RTO for vehicle registration in Pune and Maharshtras . You can also use online registered rent agreement in any other gazetted government office like Post office, Nagar Nigam, company incorporation, etc as ID Proof and Address proof.
The Following documents are required to register the online rent agreement in Pune | PCMC:
  • "Index-2" of the rented property (Optional/Mandatory depending on case to case basis.)
  • For online rent agreement registration in Pune/PCMC in Maharashtra, Adhar card and PAN card is mandatory
  • ID proof (Passport/Pan Card/Driving License) of Tenant/Owner and Witness
  • Latest Electricity bill of the Rented property
  • For detail information on documents required for rent agreement in Pune and PCMC
Yes we do. We will make all the arrangements prior to your appointment. It will hardly take 45 mins of your time in the govt office. Rest of all registration work done by conser.in team.
Online rent agreements are broadly classified into two types in Pune , Maharashtra
  • Online Rent agreement - We come to your doorstep, you decide the place and time
  • Offline Rent agreement - Yes, you will need to visit the govt. office. But we would make all the prior arrangements. It will hardly take 45 mins of your time.
Yes it is possible. Lets setup a call with our expert so that they can guide you in details.
Yes you can. Infact you can use it as address proof in all govt. offices. you can check the Functions/Uses of online registerd rent agreement in Pune and PCMC. There are lots of ways where you can use registerd rent agreement in Pune and PCMC, Maharshtra.
Conser.in provides hassel free rent agreement with door step service. You can do it two ways with conser.in

Procedure to register a rent agreement online

  • Step1: You can fill your form and our executive will call you.
  • Step2: Our professional executives will make the draft for you.
  • Step3: Executive will verify the draft with both the parties like owner and tenant.
  • Step4: Executive will call you and schedule your appointment as per parties convenience.
  • Step5: Executive will visit your home as per scheduled time and verify the owner, tenant and 2 witnesses with the adharcard with the help of a biometric device.
  • Step6: He will Submit to SRO office
  • Step7: After 2-3 working days you will get your registered rent agreement at your email id
  • For more details you can visit our latest blog Procedures to register a rent agreement online

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